will@large makes music for god

Can you tell us how Will@Large begin? Was there a specific reason why you chose this stage name?

When I decided I wanted to rap I wanted a name that was simple yet had a spiritual connection to it. My nickname is Will and @Large is synonymous with being wanted by the devil. A lot of my music puts him on blast and it lets the world know that he is real and all of the negativity in the world is a result of his doing. The devil doesn’t like it and since I represent GOD in that capacity he wants me taken down.

What was the first song you wrote?

The first legit song I wrote was a song called “Mercy Me” It focuses on the moment we realize we need to be saved and we ask GOD to forgive us for our sins and make us his child.

It’s almost as if I take the word of GOD and place on a beat. Not too many Gospel rappers go that far.

Has music always been a way of expression for you?

Not really, the arts in general have. In church, I have danced, mimed, and sang in the youth choir. My rap career was just the one aspect that hit home for me and made me feel like this what I should be doing versus everything else I participated in through the years.

How would you describe your sound? What’s one thing that’s so special about gospel rap?

In music, I put Satan on blast more so than many other artists in my field My music really exposes him and his ways and his devices. Plus the lyrics contain a lot of sound doctrines.  It’s almost as if I take the word of GOD and place on a beat. Not too many Gospel rappers go that far. My voice is very distinctive as well.



How has your music evolved since you first started?

At first, I was fumbling around when it came to what I wanted to talk about on a beat, and how I needed to do it. Now I feel I’ve found my niche. The one area I can just flow in. I guess you can say my artist identity. My area of expertise is overcoming obstacles through faith and perseverance in GOD. At first, I was doing gospel rap in general but now my music is more specific.  

I like your track “Glory Unto Him”. What inspired you to write it?

Actually, the beat brought the inspiration. As I listened to it the lyrics just came and before you know it the song was born. The melody leads me in that direction.  It’s how my creative process works. I don’t carry the music in a certain direction it carries me and I flow with it.


How do you find daily motivation and inspiration? How do you handle artist’s block?

I’m six and a half years in and I can’t recall a time where I’ve suffered from artist’s block so I can’t answer that but I can say this when I think about artist block I picture someone who has exhausted a particular routine or source of inspiration for making music. My ideas for music and inspiration for music come from anywhere and everywhere, therefore, artist’s block is not a problem for me or at least it hasn’t been so far but I don’t expect it ever will be.

What are you currently working on?

Performing live at my home church and loving it.

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So when can we expect a new record from you?

Sometime next year it will most likely be an EP, Trap EDM influenced.

Who would you say are your biggest influences musically?

Kirk Franklin, and Canton Jones. They are amazing at what they do.

When you’re not making music, what do you do?

I hang out with my family and friends, I also do other kinds of work in my church whether its help plan activities mop floors, pretty much this and that. Last but definitely not least. . . CHILL.

I haven’t seen music videos from you. Do you plan on releasing any?

Most definitely.

Are you playing gigs in your town?

I just started officially performing live so not at the moment but it is a definitely coming.

If you could work with anyone either alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Metro booming. . . He’s an outstanding hip-hop producer, one of the best out there.

What message are you trying to tell your audience?

My message is that Jesus is real, risen, and relevant and that he loves you. Satan, on the other hand, does not.

Do you think being a musician in this day and age is highly competitive? Would you say artists need to work harder to become successful than the others that started earlier?

No. Things were a lot harder in the older days. Things are easier now more than ever and it’s because of the internet. Networking is easier, exposure is easier, and building a fan base is easier. All we have to do is leverage our opportunities and work period not hard but period.

What’s next for you?

More live shows, hopefully, a tour nationwide.

Before we wrap up, anything you want to share with the audience?

Check me out on Spotify, iTunes, everywhere online. Will@large