catching up with gibrilville on sound, visual and what’s next

It’s great to have you here! How are you?

I’m good. Thank you. Very excited today about my new music video releases for “Open up”

Let’s go back to the very beginning of your musical journey. What’s your early memory of music? How did you get into the entertainment industry?

I always wanted to perform at high school events when I was in Adisadel College. I got to my final year and wrote “microphone” and that record got me my first performance.  It was great to finally rap in front of the whole school. I rocked the show. I was 16 years old.

A lot of the musicians use music as an escape or a creative outlet to something. What’s yours?

All of that and more. It’s water for me. It’s everything. It’s education. It’s comforting.

It can be shared with a lot of people and it would have the same equal impact and everyone and that quality is rare for anything else on the earth.

Your latest music video “Open Up” is very well produced and the visuals are a killer. What was the driving force behind the video, the inspiration, so to speak?

So the visual and record capture my journey in America. It’s like a timeline to just this song.  I wrote the record in Mississippi when I was in Alcindor state. Today the importance of the lyrics is very relevant. It also addresses issues I still have in my life today as well as stereotypes and immigration which kind of go hand in hand. We wanted to blend different cultural outfits in the video and speak to the masses. The really is no discrimination or extreme discrimination when it comes to immigration officers out here. I wanted to speak for everyone who is battling and going through it. Asking God for guidance on my path.


All of your music videos are stunning. Do you think visuals are as important as the sound?

Thank you very much. The visuals are very important. They tell the story if only u allow the lyrics to lead the story. I wish I could shoot bigger productions and really explore all the ideas I have for my next few cuts. Fingers crossed I can shoot 3 more videos for the new project “Black Cadillacs Season 3”

What’s your take on the image as in content and yourself in general?

The image is powerful. It’s everything I wanted it to be. I am extremely happy with the content and with myself, the director and everyone else who was on the list.


Were there any sort of challenges when you were starting out?

The challenges are every day. I more you want to try and do the more obstacles you have to overcome. We just roll with the punches over here. 

What made you choose Gibrilville as a stage name?

It was a nickname a friend used a lot. She said I had interesting friends and we were all like cartoon characters in a place called “Gibrilville” (Laughs)

How would you describe your sound?

It’s soul music. It’s a very alternative and live sound. It’s also very moving depending on your mood.

You’re based in Brooklyn, NY. In what ways do you think being in NY has shaped you as a musician?

The exposure to musicians and the amount of talent and competition out here will shape you in a New York min. You just got to go out there and get it. 

Do you have a favorite track of yours?

Black Cadillacs on season 3 is a fav.

How’s your relationship with the fans? Will you be doing gigs and touring anytime soon?

Yes, I’m working on it as we speak.


What are you currently working on?

Black Cadillac season 3.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

Thinking of what’s the next best place to eat lol! I love food too, you know. Ice cream, tv shows all that good stuff.

What’s in store for 2018?

Black Cadillac Season 3. Hopefully a world tour. Africa, Europe Australia, and that good stuff. Thank you so much and stay blessed.