get to know cruzer urameshi – a young producer to watch

Who is Cruzer Urameshi? How did you start your journey towards becoming a music producer?

Cruzer Urameshi is a producer with a versatile sound & an original producer who’s really setting his own lane in producing & in a matter of time will be a household producer name. I started out doing music because I was always around a lot of rappers as a kid so I’ve always had a love for music so I just knew that I was going to do something in music as I got older & I started to listen to beats a lot & I skipped school for 3 days & in those 3 days I started to make beats.

How’s 2018 been for you so far?

2018 has been so phenomenal. I’ve already have dropped 3 Projects How To Maintain, Rocket Power, & Melodies all projects are different from each other & all are special to me. There’s still more to come from me projects & singles as well so I’m really stoked.


Congratulations on those projects! How was the entire experience for you? Which one was your favorite?

All the experiences on the Projects were all different in their own way. How To Maintain with AR Dropped on new years eve to kick start 2018 & it was definitely cool. We really got some Party Joints on that project. Me & AR already had a song prior together so it was definitely dope to have work with him again. Rocket Power With my Guy BennyCosmic was a great experience. What makes Rocket Power standout to me was that we actually did a promo campaign which is something I’ve never done before with a project & we’ve also had a release party for it & at the release party we had a Snapchat Filter for it which was really great & the party was TU. The local newspaper in town EugeneWeekly did an article on the release party too so that was pretty dope itself & a lot of people especially in Oregon really enjoying Rocket Power but overall there is a least one song on Rocket Power that will appeal to any musical taste to anyone who appreciates & enjoy music. Now Melodies is beat Tape which is the direction of sound I kinda want to bring to the game. A lot of producers have cool melodies in the beats but on the Project Melodies, I focused solely on the Drum Patterns. I have a large quantity of the beats laying around so they’ll become a song eventually. Haha!


Can you tell me what inspired you to produce each project?

I really liked AR from his Project Brighter Colors & he was really into my beats & was like i.want to do a project together & How to Maintain was Born. I really do want to work with AR again on another Project too that will be dope. Rocket Power came about from when I was out In Cali Benny hit me up & sent me his most recent project at the time “ Loving The Shade “  I checked it out & it was cool but I knew I could build off that & do a better project. Since Rocket Power we definitely have crazy chemistry together & have more stuff coming too. Melodies came about because I’ve been wanting to drop a beat project but I didn’t know how I wanted to go about it.

So, I took 4 hours out my day & listened to beats & was like I’m going to do a beat project my way opposed from doing a genre based beat tape. I’ll do those down the road but I’m right now focused on creating my own identity as a producer.

One of my favorite tracks of yours is “Oppo – Lil Flip”. What was the main driving force behind it?

Hahaha honestly I didn’t like that beat like I almost erased the beat but he heard it one day I wasn’t around & did a song to it. Haha, I was shocked he did a song to it honestly. Oppo & myself got a lot of stuff coming together. Don’t be surprised if we do a tape together.


Are you always experimenting with sounds?

Yes most definitely. As a producer, I feel like if you want to make your mark you must always be experimenting & I have confidence in myself with the quality & consistency so someone will like it.

You’re based in Oregon, yah? What do you think of the music scene there?

The Oregon music scene is different. The exception of Aminé no one really came out of Oregon especially in hip-hop which really opens up a lot of opportunities for myself especially being a music producer. Since The Release Party, there have been multiple release parties for projects & a lot of the fans around where saying Myself & BennyCosmic started a movement so we definitely have made an impact at the very least. Even though its in the state I can’t really speak on the Portland Music because I’m not up there but Portland is different from the rest of Oregon.

What do you think is the most important when it comes to producing?

Being consistent with making beats & wanting to be original.

I know a lot of producers who don’t try to step out their comfort zone & try something different.

Are you going to be in Oregon for a while? Do you plan on moving out of there?

I honestly can’t say to be honest. Its definitely been having a good impact on my career I also have artists in Cali. Florida, Georgia, & a few of the country people I’m working with too. If I did move I have to move into a better position then where I’m at currently.

You’re only 21 and you’ve achieved quite a lot. What would you say were the biggest challenges when you were starting out?

I taught myself how I to make beats so that in itself a challenge. Then as I got better it was hard finding consistent artists that wanted to work so that’s why I just told myself just work on myself the right artists will come to me. The most challenging as a producer for me is finding artists who can match my work ethic. Like if I’m in a studio or with an artist, I can literally make a whole a mixtape of beats in one session.

What does your family think of you being in the industry?

They’re really supportive about it. Like they’re always giving me a few extra ideas on how I should do a few things.


Do you have any advice for younger artists?

Start doing music while your in high school that’s what I did. Once you graduate high school & you try to do music you immediately have to be good & you must put in at least 50 hours into music.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Mannie Fresh, Lex Luger, Southside, Zaytoven, NardandB, Metro Boomin, Drumma Boy.

What’s on the horizon right now? Any new releases soon?

I have at least another 3 Projects coming out & 2 of them are new credits. Get ready for the summer I’m having some singles drop & with whats in the vault, Hahaha, man y’all not ready for it.

Do you wanna share anything with the fans? Any shoutouts?

Recently I’ve been going live when I’m making beats & a lot of people liking the videos so that’s always cool. Shout out to the Maxx Oppo, Cartier, Gator, Byrd. Shout to Chuck & Aes they’ve been really helpful with my career from the start along with the Maxx. Shout out to my boy IcyN8 & IceBoi Soorma & to my guys DjSwegon in Jersey & My guy Temple beats in London.