shaun richardson talks about his debut single ‘alone’

Tell us how you began in the music industry.

I grew up immediately drawn to music from an early age. One of my extended family members played music professionally and was a huge influence as a kid. That eventually lead me to start my own band, and as I grew older I began to work with other artists.

You’re based in Nashville, yah? How do you think it has shaped you as an artist? What do you think of the music scene there?

Yeah, I’ve been in Nashville for just around three years now. Living here has kept me accountable to polish my craft, as there are so many amazing musicians and vocalists that make their home here. Most people would feel that you come to town to hear country music, but there’s a really rad scene of pop/r&b/jazz music that thrives here as well! I love to go out and hear live music any chance I get.

How would you describe your sound?

That’s a tough one. I am influenced by a lot of different music, and it changes from time to time, but I would say that my sound leans towards an R&B foundation with jazz and pop tendencies.

I’m really into the neo-soul and jazz-hop movement that’s going on, and that has reflected in the music I’m working on.

As a player, I appreciate the depth and musicality, and as a producer, I dig the production elements. Another integral part of my sound is the guitar, both electric and acoustic. It’s my main instrument and essentially an extension of who I am.

Your new single “Alone” was just released a little more than a week ago. What was your main motivation and inspiration behind it?

My first goal was to finally release a debut song, and I couldn’t be happier. I wanted my first release to embody where I’m at musically, to give people an understanding of what I’m all about! Lyrically, I wanted to write about something that I was going through, which I hoped listeners could relate to.


What was the writing process like?

This one came together fairly easily and quickly! I have a voice memo on my phone of the original song idea back in January and began writing then. I have a home studio where I produce my music, so it’s a really comfortable environment to work in. For “Alone” and other songs, I generally come up with a chord progression or idea on the electric guitar and then build the track around that. After a good framework is laid down, I’ll write the lyrics and melody together, which is usually the last thing I end up recording.

Do you plan on releasing a music video for the single?

I don’t have any set plans for that yet, but I would definitely consider making a music video! It would be so fun to come up with a cool visual concept for the song!

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What’s something people probably don’t know about you, but they should?

Aside from music, my other passion is fitness. I’ve been a regular gym goer for around six years and my day goes infinitely better if it begins with a solid workout. I find that I’m more creative as well that way!

What’s next for you?

I’ve been working on getting some shows together and playing the new song live, but my main goal has been to continue to write and produce as much music as possible. I’d like to release an EP out as soon as I can. Until then, a very special thank you goes out to everyone who has listened to and supported the new single, it means the world to me!