ano wolff talks about rebranding, upcoming EP and what’s in store for 2018

Hi Ano, how are you? It’s great to have you here!

What’s up! I’m glad to be here

How did Ano Wolff begin? How’d the name “Ano Wolff” come along?

Initially, I started just writing in a journal as a kid. Thoughts, dreams, fears, anything I didn’t speak upon, I wrote down. I always listened to music and thought, “I could do this” but was too shy to actually go for it. Sooner or later I just came around to realizing that I wanted to be something. To speak to the world & share my experiences & maybe relate to others. I initially shared this with my father before he passed & he’s the driving force behind Ano. I know he’d want me to keep pushing no matter how hard or alone I feel at times & that’s why I grow.

My name is a double meaning. Ano (Ah-no) is a word meaning up, wolf implies to the animal which if not in a pack, can still thrive & been a lone survivor. Together, my name is a tribute to how no matter if I’m alone & no got me, I’ll always find a way to prosper & find my way up in life.

Being based in St. Louis, how do you think it has shaped you as a musician? Do you plan on moving out of St. Louis?

St. Louis had actually shaped me in a different way than you’d think. It was always trap, drill, or just the same sounds. I hated it. I was always the “weird kid” who liked metal, pop, classical, and anything BUT the popular rap style. I fucked with Kanye A LOT. he was weird, ya know? But in his own way and it forced people to vibe with that. I am planning on leaving just because my city isn’t ME. I want to see diverse people, see a city that inspires me. Somewhere with crazy bright lights at night.

Did you find it hard to get your sound and identity in music or did it come quite naturally to you?

This actually was very hard. Starting out I thought I should try to sound familiar to everyone. Over time I realized that didn’t feel right. So I started with a clean slate. Deleted all my work, changed my stage name, my image, I became what I really wanted to be.

What do you like the most about being a musician? And what’s the worst part?

What I like most is the freedom to express your inner sounds & vibes, but this is honestly a double-edged sword because that style you put out, not many may agree with/connect with.


One of my favorite tracks from your recent work is GERM. In the middle of the song, you included this part where you went to the bathroom to piss – which I think is really cool and it translates a story. What was your main inspiration for the track in general?

There was more so a rage behind it, rather than inspiration. After getting wind of the messages in my songs, people really didn’t vibe with me & realized my songs were deeper. A lot of talks & just the lack of support I decided, “I’ll just throw it all on a track.” And GERM came along.

Has your creative process changed since you started releasing music?

Definitely! I used to just sit & write over beats, but now I go a more natural route. I always hear little melodies within sounds & music, now I just let a track play & whatever comes out, I write it as I go. That’s how I get a more deep input into my songs, its what I truly feel, not think.

How would you define “real” hip-hop at this point?

“Real” is the tracks where an artist really spills their soul & throws all they have on a track. HipHop is a venue that is so open to bringing in other views over a sound ANYONE can vibe to. If you can convey a message & truly mean what is said. That’s real to me.


Let’s talk about your upcoming EP “OUIJAS & WITCHES”. What was the driving force behind that?

Oh, this EP is something that an internal fight put on the outside. The past 3 years of finding myself, growing as a person, and through all my experiences has shaped this entire project. It doubles as a love letter ultimately. The meaning behind the entire project is the fact that it feels like not just people seem to want me to fail & give up within myself, and coming between the few I do love and cherish, but at times it seems like the world & things out of my reach are a barrier. This EP is a statement saying I won’t let anything, not even things beyond me, come between the life me & the ones I love deserve.

Do you have a release date for the EP yet? What can we expect from it?

There isn’t a release date as of now, but I am surely working hard on each & every track to make an experience that MANY can understand. Ill grind it out soon enough so the world will have it in no time.


Do you plan on releasing music videos also?

Yes! I’m currently reaching out to many videographers. I want to create videos that convey a story & the FEEL of the track.

Who would be your dream to work with and why?

Definitely Lil Uzi Vert or Travis Scott due to their willingness to throw theirs all into their sound. I like the nonchalant, yet crying my heart out feel they both provide. Especially Travis.

What’s wrong with the music industry?

Wayyyy too much of the same nonsense. Everyone is promoting drugs & violence.

I grew up in a bad place, I don’t wanna relive it through music. That should be an escape.

What’s next for you?

I never look ahead because that causes me to stress about what I should avoid or do in life. For now, just working on this EP & hoping the world loves it as much as I do.

Before we wrap up, is there anything you’d like to share with the fans? Any shout-outs?

I just want to thank everyone for the love I receive & shoutout to the love of my life & my family for pushing me when no one else did. I’ll make sure you guys get the music & appreciation you all deserve. MORE TO COME!