illfatedmusic : music as a soundtrack to my inner diary

Who is ILLFatedMusic? How did you begin your journey towards the music industry?

IllFatedMusic began back around 1995. But entered the industry officially in 1999 with a song on an independent project called ‘Connect The Dots-Music For All Cities’ in my hometown of Los Angeles. The name came from all the rough times that me and everyone around me were experiencing growing up. It just made sense being that we all have gone through a tuff time going through the process to get where we want to be in life.

There is this lo-fi aesthetics in your songs and I think it’s really beautiful. How would you describe your music in your own words?

I’m very simple when it comes to creating. I like to search for samples, load them and enjoy the process of sound creation. I’m not a tech guy nor do I spend time looking for processors, kits or programs.

I just really love the feel of creating sound. If the process becomes too much work, the feeling is gone. So I keep it simple, enjoy the vibe and build from there. The music creates itself from there.

How do you find the beats? Are you always experimenting?

I stay away from any software stock sounds. I dig for kicks, snares, hi-hats, bass and, etc. I love the feel that sampled sounds bring to my music. Everybody wants clean crisp sounds. I like my sounds to have more warmth. More like a vinyl sound. Experimenting is always part of my music. That’s the most enjoyable part.

Can you walk us through your creative process?

I think I basically explained the most of it already but I really try to keep it as simple as possible. The creative process is supposed to be enjoyable and an expression of self. I look at my music as a soundtrack to my inner diary. The melodies behind my thoughts and my emotions.

I wanna talk about your track PASHUN. There’s this middle-eastern vibe involved. What was your inspiration behind the song?

PASHUN II created itself, as all my music does. I think it kind of speaks for itself.

Do you plan on collaborating with other artists soon?

I don’t plan on anything. Music comes when it comes. But I enjoy creating instrumental albums, hopefully, to create a lane for beat creators like myself. They’re out there but not very well acknowledged.

I feel like music and sound is enough without words sometimes. I’m open to anything.

Looking at your SoundCloud, you’ve been quiet a lately. Why is that? Does that mean we’re going to hear something bigger from you soon?

Another great question. I stopped uploading music online when I signed an album deal with a label. I focused on putting together the most comfortable music for me at the time to honor my contract obligation. I have recently denied a new contract with them to continue to release albums independently.

One of my favorite tracks of yours is Peace & Harmony. How did that one come about?

When I created that song, the sample just really spoke to me and, was really relative to what was going on in the world at that time.

Where are you currently based right now? What do you think of your town’s music scene?

I’m currently in VA. There is some good music everywhere in the world.

What’s the best thing that has ever happened in your career?

Everything. Every time, I complete and share a new project, every opportunity like this, every time someone tells me they enjoy my music, every time I create.

Do you have favorite artists? Someone you look up to?

I do. But I currently look up to everybody pushing their music and creating their own lane.

What would be your advice for younger musicians?

Enjoy the creative process and continue to stay true.

Any gigs and tours soon?

No gigs or tours. I will begin recording soon for some new projects.

What’s happening for you next?

GOD’s blessings and more opportunities.

What would you like to share with the fans? Any shout-outs?

For those that listen, my channel is loaded and new projects will be coming this year.