antone throws a rave on another planet in his latest album ‘neon city’

What’s your early memory of music?

My mother used to collect records and I was stuck on REO Speedwagon at 4 years of age haha. Wheels Are Turnin’.

How did Antone begin?

When I was in high school, I would have to go to the basement floor for a class that I had. I guess it was a debate class. Well, anyway this girl would run down the stairs with her bassoon and I would try to run after her but by the time I caught up, she was already seated with her music ready for her solo. So I learned bassoon and everything after that.

What do you think is so special about EDM?

Well, I am in the mix of EDM-tech house and hardcore rave. I LOVE raves and everything about them so much that I had to make music for the true rave lovers at heart. This type of music makes you want to dance all night and just feel good all the time.

Any passion outside of music?

I love fashion TO the CORE.

You just released a new EDM album titled NEON CITY. What inspired you?

I really wanted to make an album that was really futuristic in an outer space kind of way.

Like what it might be like to be at a rave 5 million years from now maybe on another planet.

Were there a lot of challenges working on the album?

For my RedRoom mix track, I had an awesome bass beat that was not in the key signature of my mix but I used it anyway. I call it playing with flat notes. It was hard to mix in but I loved it so much I had to use it.

Do you have a favorite track from the album and why?

I love Neon City. By far it sums up everything for me, like the end of a long story.

I wanna talk about your latest single, THE REDROOM. What’s the backstory behind this one?

I love skateboarding and wanted to make music for people to skate to. This mix was aimed at all the cool skaters out there who love to make skating videos.

When you’re mixing sounds, do you already know how you want everything in order or do you sort of just experiment as you go?

I like to create a palette of sounds to work with. In logic pro, you can set the instruments you want depending on what vst you have or buy. I choose about 10 different ones when I create my own loop of a sequence. But I have to give a shout out to ‘weazelbeats’, ‘mrblkadder’ with your input in ‘residual reflection” you guys really know what it means to put sound to fashion. I’ll be forever grateful and to all the other producers who helped me out with all their input, you guys are amazing, thank you so much.

Who are your biggest influences?

I absolutely love bloc party, metric, and the neighborhood.

Now that you just released a new record, what are you up to currently?

I am currently traveling LA and San Antonio, Dallas next.

Where are you based? What do you think of your town in terms of the music scene?

Right now, I have a recording studio in El Paso where I mostly spend my time creating new tracks and focusing on future projects. The music scene is amazing all major artist come down here and play a gig or two. They sometimes shoot movies here as well.

Do you plan on collaborating with other artists?

I would love to work with the band called The Neighborhood or even she wants revenge.

What’s next for Antone?

I have touring in mind, raves, and more fun house parties.

Anything you wanna say to the fans?

Thank you and keep dancin’
Special thanks to Raul Jauregui.