The ONLY Tracks You Need This Week

It’s our second week of presenting you the tracks-of-the-week session. This week we wanna go lowkey and get lost in our daydreams. So we’re going for shoegaze, dream pop, and indie experimental vibe. Because embracing all different genres is what we do and it’s in our DNA! Artists include Nilüer Yanya, Hot Sugar, Jungle, Vaults, Mild High Club, Chairlift, Connan Mockasin / Devonté Hynes, Tiny Little Houses, Dreamgirl, and Many Voices Speak.


1. Nilüfer Yanya – Keep On Calling

2. Hot Sugar – Your Nails Look So Pretty

3. Jungle – Lemonade Lake

4. Mild High Club – Windowpane

5. Vaults – Lifespan

6. Chairlift – Polymorphing

7. Connan Mockasin / Devonté Hynes – Feelin’ Lovely

8. Tiny Little Houses – You Tore Out My Heart

9. Dreamgirl – Teenage Blue

10. Many Voices Speak – Blue Moon