Introducing G.M.I Ace Propane

Hiya! How are you? I wanna start off our interview with a question about your early memory of music. What was it like?

What’s up, I’m doing good! My early memory of music I remember is that I always wanted to entertain since I’ve been able to walk, talk. The first song I was able to tap was Hip Hop Hooray. Always been a 80s, 90s hip-hop fan. Love everything from the fashion to the music, movies, etc. And Michael Jackson was a huge influence on me when I was younger and when I first got introduced to music.

When did you know this is what you want to do as a career?

Well, when I graduated high school, things weren’t going as well as I planned for them to for sports, I also got the mother of my child pregnant at the end of my Junior year in high school. So during my senior year, I started trying to do my own thing with the music. Started taking it seriously, writing every day and then I had to start working to provide for my daughter. After I had my first job I was like aaaaw hell naw. I gotta invest in myself so I can eventually become my own boss.

I feel like I used to keep myself boxed and didn’t really care too much about what the audience wanted to hear but more so myself.

Was your family supportive when you were starting out?

My family has always been supportive. When I first started out I remember I didn’t know anybody as far as producers, studios, none of that. And when I did finally meet somebody it ain’t last too long because of some sneaky shit or people not coming through on their end. My dad actually helped with my first solo performance. I opened up for Joe Budden at a place called The Mad Magician and the family actually came out bought tickets and all. They changed the place to something else now. But yea, they’ve always been supportive.

How did you come about choosing the stage name GMI Ace Propane?

I got my name Ace from my initials. Propane just stuck with me since I’ve been little. When I first decided I wanted to rap I was about 9 and I used to say I had fire bars so I just added Propane behind Ace. And G.M.I. is my brand name, of course, something proud of, so I just put that in front and came up with G.M.I. Ace Propane.

I was listening to your early work from 4 years ago on SoundCloud, and I noticed that you’ve really evolved musically and artistically. What was the whole experience for you like?

Evolving as an artist was challenging but fun. I feel like I’ll still evolve as an artist because I’m more open to being creative and expanding my creativity. I feel like I used to keep myself boxed and didn’t really care too much about what the audience wanted to hear but more so myself. I think it comes with maturity too and life experiences. These are all things I like to write about so things I go through in life have a huge impact on my music.


You recently released your new single Fancy. I really like it. What was the driving force behind this one?

Thank you! Glad you liked that track. Fancy is actually one of my favorite songs I’ve done just because of the hook. This song is based off a wild party night I had. I had several of those though lol!

You’re based in Saint Louis, right? I visited there once, it’s a really nice city. Are people there supportive of young and emerging musicians? Would love to know a little about the music scene there.

Yes, I am based in Saint Louis. And yea, the city is beautiful. But I personally feel the Saint Louis music scene can do better all together when it comes to working together and supporting each other.


What’s it like working with the Saint Louis producer BA Beats?

Me and BA met each other like 2 or 3 years ago. My big bro Beezy linked us up and ever since then we’ve been creating waves. It’s like we were meant to be in the same room together when it comes to the ideas and music we put together. The first day we linked, we made three tracks and went and recorded them. Jimi Hendrix and His and Hers haha. The next project, he was producing all the beats except for maybe one. But he was constantly cooking up beats so I can just keep writing haha.

Will there be possible collaborations with other artists in/out of Saint Louis soon?

I do plan on collaborating with some artists both in and outside of Saint Louis. I’m always open to work and create new sounds so if anybody down to work. Let’s get it!

I try to put myself in the audience’s shoes.

I wanna talk about your album art. They all look very carefully selected. Are visuals important to you as much as the sounds?

I’ve edited all the artwork that you’ve seen so far. I try to put myself in the audience’s shoes as well. I like to think people will listen to a song if the artwork looks like something to them too. So yes, I personally do feel like visuals are just as important as the sound.

You’re working on a new project now, right? What can you tell us about it?

As far as the tape goes, I will let you know. I don’t have a title just yet, and I don’t have a release date yet. With this being my first legit project, I want to perfect it and make sure I’m happy with what we release. You can expect to hear a lot of versatility. I got smoking vibes, street vibes, stuff for you to turn up too and some stuff for the ladies too haha. Just be on the lookout for that. I’ll keep y’all up to date on release dates and a title as well.

Let’s talk about your creative process. How do you find inspiration and motivation to write lyrics and find the sounds?

My writing process is very random considering I’m a random type of person. I’m inspired by some of any and everything. From real-life events to movies and cartoons. Of course, my everyday life is an inspiration, such as my struggles and success or just the everyday things we deal with in life.

Do you plan on releasing new music videos?

Yes, I do plan on releasing more videos. I have one up right now on my YouTube. It’s under GMI Ace Propane Longway – Official Video.

How do you handle artist’s block?

The best way I like to deal with artist block is to just give myself a break from what it is I’m working on. Take some time to clear my head and gather fresh ideas. Go to a different setting. I’ll either pick it back up later that night or just start fresh the next day.

Everybody uses the internet for everything so that’s where you can maximize your revenue. And yes it’s it’s much much more competitive than before.

As an artist, do you think anyone can be successful these days? With the power of social media, do you think it’s much more competitive than before?

I believe that if you promote and market yourself correctly and smart, you can be more than successful. Everybody uses the internet for everything so that’s where you can maximize your revenue. And yes it’s it’s much much more competitive than before.

Do you have any advice for younger artists?

Even though I know all artists have heard these thousands of times, NEVER GIVE UP!! I will say invest in yourself as an artist. Learn about promotion and marketing. And if nobody else got you, stay ten toes down for yourself. And just stay true to who you are.


Anything you’d like to share with the audience?

Again I go by G.M.I. Ace Propane. I appreciate you guys for taking the time to read the interview and get to know a little bit about me. You can search my song Long Way on all digital outlets and one of my newest tracks Jimi Hendrix also available on all digital outlets!


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