Collin Kozola Is A Young Talent From Chicago We Need To Watch

Hi Collin! Can you tell us how you got into the music industry?

I was always involved in sports growing up. 8 years of baseball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, Tae Kwon Do, and also basketball but wasnʼt in any league. One day I just made the decision that itʼs not what I really truly want to do. I spent hours upon hours watching videos of Chris Brown and NSYNC performing and I just loved it. Iʼve always loved to sing but I never thought about doing it as a career. Around 2009 “Youtube” started becoming really popular. One of my best friends told me that I should try posting a video of me singing. I posted up my first video, got some positive feedback on it and from there on I was like “alright this is what I want to do, this is what I want to be”.

Does music run in your family? Or is it just you?

Music actually doesnʼt run in my family. I am the one and only singer and entertainer. My family was more of a sports kind of family.

Were there a lot of difficulties and challenges when you were starting out?

There were a lot of challenges and difficulties starting out. I still do have challenges and difficulties till this day. But thatʼs honestly the best part. Thatʼs the only way to become successful and become the best.

If you donʼt face any challenges or have any trouble getting to where you want to be then youʼre doing something wrong. Thatʼs how you grow. Thatʼs how you improve. Thatʼs how you evolve. Not just in your craft but as a person as well.

Do you think being a musician in this day and age is highly competitive? Would you say artists need to work harder to become successful than the others that started earlier?

Oh for sure without a doubt. There is nothing wrong with making friends in this business, but at the end of the day, itʼs always competition. Everyone wants to be the best. Itʼs not a bad thing though. Having that competition is good because it should push and motivate you to want to be better. Not necessarily than that specific individual but as you yourself the artist and your craft.

I have to say yes because of the fact of how much technology has grown. There are so many platforms to have your music on. From youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes etc. With this, it gives everybody a chance to put their music out. It sounds like it would be easier but because there are so many people with great talent posting, itʼs harder to be noticed. Not only that but not every artist posting is in it for the long run. Some people are just posting up for fun and not trying to make a career out of it and that makes it harder for someone who takes it seriously. That leaves A&Rʼs, managers and record labels questioning whoʼs serious about the business and who isnʼt.

How has your music evolved since you first started?

My craft as a whole has gotten so much better than when I first started. From my vocals, dancing, stage presence, songwriting etc. My voice is stronger and I have better control. My songwriting has definitely improved. I went from not being able to write a song at all to writing my whole EP “Find MySelf”. This is only the tip of the iceberg for me. Iʼm only going to keep getting better every single day.

Sometimes I look for a specific beat with the type of emotion Iʼm
feeling at that time.

When you start a track, do you have a sound in your head and hunt for a sample to match it, or do you start by finding random sounds? Would you mind walking us through your creative process?

Every day is different. Sometimes I just find a beat that speaks to me and go from there. Or sometimes I look for a specific beat with the type of emotion Iʼm feeling at that time.

How do you know a song is finished?

When I feel that everything has come together the way I wanted it to. From the story that I want to tell, the right words I want to say, how the beat is being played, is everything mixed the way I want it to be. Itʼs hard as a perfectionist, because I will always hear something different every day. Whether itʼs how I sing a certain line or questioning if the melody is right on a certain bar. Nothingʼs ever going to be perfect. But my goal is to get it as close to perfection as possible.


What’s the backstory on the “Roll With It” music video?

Basically, the whole song is just about me living my life the way I want to, working hard to become who Iʼm meant to be and just having fun. So the video is me and my best friend Joe Williams hanging out and having a good time. We donʼt need any big parties, a huge group of people or anything. Just a simple day of going to the skate park and having fun. Some people think that you need a huge gathering, drinks all around and clubs to have fun. Maybe for them and thatʼs cool, but for me, I can do something as simple as just kicking it with one of my best friends at a broken down skate park and I still have just as fun.

Writing is a big part of your music. How do you find inspiration? Personal feelings and experiences?

My inspiration comes from all over. From personal experience/feelings, something that happened to one of my friends or something that I wish could happen. Itʼs a very fun process of putting that specific story together.


One of my favorite songs of yours is My Ride. How did this track come about?

I appreciate your love for the song. This song was about a girl that I was seeing. I was really into her when we first started talking but she started changing on me. Long conversations turned into one-word answers. She wasnʼt meeting me halfway. If I put effort into you, I expect you to put effort into me, otherwise, what are we doing? I eventually ended things with her and never looked back. So “My Ride” was the statement of Iʼm jumping into my car and leaving you behind and Iʼm not coming back. The weight lifting off of my shoulders and Iʼm finally feeling good.

When can we expect new stuff from you?

I got a new song called “All About You” that I will be releasing in a couple weeks. I am also in the works of writing a couple of other songs that Iʼm looking to release this summer!

Are you gonna go on tour?

I do not currently have plans for going on tour. Right now Iʼm mainly focused on putting more music out. But you never know, weʼll see what happens.


How’s your relationship with your fans?

I love my fans to death. They are so awesome. Telling me how much they can relate to my songs. I recently received some messages from some fans saying how I inspired them to start making music themselves and pursue the dream they want to do. I canʼt describe how thankful I am to have that kind of love and support! It means the absolute world to me.

If you could collaborate with ONE DJ and ONE female artist, who would you pick?

Thatʼs a tough a one but I would have to say Marshmello and Rihanna. I heard some of Marshmelllos work and I know we could make a hit easy. Rihanna is beautiful and crazy talented. Rihanna, if you see this, hit me up, letʼs work!



Any shout-outs? Anything you want to say to your fans?

Shoutout to CREW! Also, I just want to say thank you to all my fans for all your love and support. Thank you for supporting me and my music, I love you. You guys are absolutely incredible! This is only the beginning!



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