It’s Time You Get Familiar With The MoneyTrain Bandits

Can you tell us how MoneyTrain Recordings begin?

It started in 2012, I was locked up. I had violated probation and my probation officer took the rest of my time. Once I got out, I would be done with the system forever. My last night of being incarcerated, I dreamed I was locked back up doing some major time so when I touched down, I started really focussing on my music more.

Music is the only thing that could keep me outta trouble.

As an independent artist, it’s quite hard to break through in the industry, how did you overcome any challenges during your musical journey?

Working 6 days a week, only off on Mondays, I came to realize that it’s up to me to get my label off the ground so I work and the money I make I put it into the music.

Who would you say are your biggest influencers?

Pac Big, FieldMob.

Let’s say you could collaborate with ONE artist, who would you pick and

Big Krit. He got a dope flow and I think we would drop a classic.

It’s just time for the world to know who we are.

What was the driving force behind your latest track “MoneyTrain Gang”?

It’s just time for the world to know who we are and I think that track will definitely let them know.


Are you working on any projects right now?

Yes, we are working on an LP called Six Shots and I’m writing the script to the mini-movie for it. That’s slated for later this year early next year. Oh and I’m also working on shooting some videos for this album we got coming out June 11th this year called Cause We Felt Like It.

Any new releases? Anything you can tell us?

MoneyTrain Gang video will be out in the very near future the first single from the upcoming album.

How do you find inspiration?

My love for music my life really.


Can you walk us through your creative process?

I usually listen to tracks and if I’m digging one, I listen and listen to it, then I play around like singing to it, harmonizing to it, then I just grab the pad and start creating.

How else you express yourself creatively?

I also make beats and write r&b songs.

What’s next for MoneyTrain Recordings?

To be honest, I don’t know. Just keep making music and investing in the brand the label and this Six Shots LP.

Anything you would like to share with us and the audience?

Go pre-order Cause We Felt Like by The MoneyTrain Bandits. It’s available everywhere right now and check out MoneyTrain Gang, Good Tymes, Me And My Brother, and Mo Money available everywhere.

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