LA Based Artist Darius Cru Talks About His Music Career

When did you get interested in music? And when did you know this is what you really want to do as a career?

What’s going on The Next Track Magazine! This is Darius Cru, directly from Adams and Crenshaw.

I first gained an interest in music during the School year of 2006. I would record on my Grandmother’s MacBook on the weekend(GarageBand) for hours. Teaching myself how to create everything from scratch. Over time, that became a hobby of mine that I couldn’t see myself without. For me to take my career seriously, it wasn’t until I had released my first song on Soundcloud in 2013. So, in between those years, I was working my ass off unknowingly. I wish I still held on to all of my compositions for memorabilia purposes. I feel like, you can’t get that type of drive anymore at this stage unless you’re focused and in the studio 24/7.

As an up and coming artist, still, it doesn’t get any easier until you see that check hit the mailbox.

I’m sure you, as an independent artist, have had obstacles in your journey. How did you overcome them? Any tips you can give to other artists that are just beginning their journey?

As an up and coming artist, still, it doesn’t get any easier until you see that check hit the mailbox. I’m still living home, working multiple jobs, while still creating music. Just to make ends meet and, to be satisfied with keeping hope alive. My only message to any artist out there is to keep your focus and remain persistent no matter the distraction man. For real.

You’re based in LA, right? What do you think of the music scene there and the industry as in general?

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Being 26 now, I’ve lived my share of music’s past and present. We are currently experiencing music’s future. The music industry is so much faster than it was 5 years ago. That’s saying a lot. In this digital age, you have to be strategic and very calculated with where you seed yourself. In regards to how music sounds today, it’s rather, an old sound with a new twist. Shoutout Lil B The Based God. The biggest influencer.


What’s your process like when you’re writing/creating?

When creating music, the process is forever simple. No distractions, some Kush, and a hard drive full of instrumentals. I’ve never been one to need much in a studio session except my own personals I bring with.

If you could collaborate with one artist, who would you pick?

One artist? Simple. LIL B THE BASED GOD. He’s a major influence on why I do things and how I do them in the music art form.

I listened to your last track “Laws Above Physics”. What was your inspiration behind that one?

Yooo man! That’s real that you checked my latest track “Laws Of Physics” out. Thank you for giving that a listen. The feeling I had preparing that track into the studio session was simply euphoric. As a major wrestling fan, I placed my shoes into the boots of an up an coming wrestler. “What type of feuds, match types would I be in?”. “Do I have a backstage personality?”.These are all questions I ask myself as I engage in this, larger than life wrestling star. I can truly believe that if I’d bulk up and walk out of those curtains, my natural talents would eat current WWE superstars alive. Count on it.

Any projects coming up soon?

As far as upcoming projects go, nothing album wise is in stone for the near future. However, I still plan to release music that has been long overdue to the public such as, “Two Laws of Physics” which will premiere first on here very soon.

Any shout-outs? Anything you wanna say to your fans?

I’d like to cordially end this interview with a shoutout to my mans Brandon Gix. Los Angeles native and an extremely talented artist. Lastly, free my dude Black Mag, he was a local artist until he moved to Las Vegas due to legal issues. Another talented artist with an uphill battle ahead of him. Peace & love to all of you and may you follow tour dreams as well.