Exclusive Interview With DJ DoubelOh Tevin

Q: First off, thanks for doing this interview with us. Can you tell us a little bit about how you got into the music scene?

A: It’s great to be doing this interview with The Next Track Mag, man. Like almost everyone else, I’ve always been a fan of music since I can remember, but when it comes to DJ’ing, it started while I was in college. I always had a bunch of music on my phone when I had an android and could get any song for free. Lol! I used to always get asked to plug up to the aux cord at house parties and I eventually got tired of having to do that all the time so I did a little Google research and found out about Virtual DJ and that was the gateway moment that blossomed into a DJ career.

Q: There are so many other things but why DJ?

A: Because being a DJ is unique. Artists are the face of the music, producers are the backbone, and DJ’s are like the brain. Blending songs together at the perfect time creates magic in the room, and then scratching on top of that really shows creative ability and 9/10 the audience is seeing all of it happening live unlike artists and producers. Also, DJ’s decide which tracks get played so that’s also a fun bonus.

Q: What are some of the obstacles you had in your DJ career?

A: Man, the market is so competitive but then again that’s going to be any realm you enter. Luckily for me, marketing & branding wasn’t hard for me being on a college campus, so I dodged that bullet that many face. However, making sure contracts are signed and keeping equipment safe are big a obstacles that I have to face on a daily. Shady promoters that use your brand as a promotion tool to get a crowd, promoter/agents trying not to completely pay me for my DJ services, and drunk people always love to be handsy and touch equipment mid-set. SMH lol!

Q: Any advice for young DJ’s? 

A: PRACTICE EVERY DAY and study good DJ’s. I noticed a lot of young DJ’s in the game get equipment and then all of a sudden they claim to be a “DJ”. DJ’ing is an art if you ask me; learn how to blend songs and match your BPM’s (beats per minute), don’t use that sync button. Also, practice your turntablism. You won’t always be scratching in front of every crowd you DJ for and that’s cool, the crowd and your fans will still rock with you but when another DJ approaches you and wants to see what you’re really made of and you cant show him any actual DJ skills then you will for sure lose credibility in the DJ game.

Q: What are some of the steps you take when you’re creating/mixing a tune?

A: You’re asking me to spill the sauce man lol. But when I’m creating a mix I’m a little unorthodox because I work in reverse. I start off by designing random cover art concepts and if I like the design, then I’ll backdoor by creating the music to match the picture. I can’t take you through my actual creation process though, haha, that’s all the free sauce you get.

Q: What are your inspirations? Any favorite artists?

A: Of course, I’m inspired by great DJ’s like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kid Cupri, Craze, Fat Fingaz and Donnie Dee, but I’m also inspired by today’s music. If these rappers keep dropping hits then I’ll be spinning until I’m dead. I have too many favorite artists to be honest but between 2017-2018 some of the artists that have been in my personal rotation the most are Drake, Kendrick, Migos, Young Dolph, Key Glock, Bloc Boy JB, Jaden Smith, Trippe Redd, Maxo Kream, Jorja Smith, and IVY Music Group.

Q: Are you releasing any projects soon?

A: Yea man, since I started DJ’ing I’ve put out a total of 44 projects and this year I’m looking to make that total 50. I’ve put out 2 this year so far; my “Best of Young Dolph 1hr mix” and my “Cuffing Szn Vol.2” mix.

Q: If you had to collaborate with ONE artist, who it be?

A: Yoooo this is tough but I’d have to pick Drake. When we look back 30 years from now Drake will go down as being the most influential and top-selling hip-hop artist of this era and it’d be dope to be apart of something so significant in the music business.

Q: So I see that you’re also an activist, and you have a voice as a musician. What is your take on the current state of politics and music?

A: It’s almost funny you ask that because having a voice in my life as an activist is what I love but I always find it hard for people to understand or accept that I’m an avid activist and a great DJ. It’s like people have this false ideology that you’re only allowed to be one thing in life. But to answer the question, the current state of politics in the U.S is in shambles. The amount of hatred and misplaced pride of the majority is crippling the bond we should have as Americans and it’s all at the hand of #45. Instead of focusing on bettering the environmental, economical, educational, and health of Americans, the President has put us in the midst of rising domestic racial tensions and a Cold Nuclear-War with North Korea. Hoping for better days fam.

Q: Anything else you wanna share with us?

A: Yea man, be on the lookout for a bunch of new projects and new merchandise on my website in a few months. It’s gonna be super hot summer.