Jay-Z Talks To David Letterman About What Makes A Good Rapper

In a recent Netflix release of a preview of David Letterman’s new show called “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction”, Jay-Z talks to Letterman about what makes a good rapper.

He explains the elements responsible for producing a good rapper. The iconic emcee uses Snoop Dogg and Eminem as examples, discussing the melodic tone of the West Coast rapper’s voice and thrilling cadence held by Slim Shady.

“You can have a great voice, and you can just almost say anything,” Jay says. “I think Snoop Dogg has a great voice. Like he can say, ‘One-two-three into the four,’ I was like ‘Oh my God.’ It just sounds good, right?”

As Jigga continues educating Letterman on what makes a good rapper, he describes Em’s voice as “percussion inside the music.”

“You can be someone like Eminem and just have amazing cadence,” Jay explains. “You almost become a percussion inside the music. So there’s multiple ways to be really good. Some people just have it all.”

Jay-Z will be the fourth guest on Letterman’s Netflix show, which made its debut in January. He follows appearances from former President Barack Obama, actor George Clooney, and Noble Peace Prize honoree Malala Yousafzai.

Jay-Z’s episode on David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction will premiere on Netflix this Friday (Apr. 6).