Lil Xan Planning to Change His Moniker to His Birth Name

Rising California rapper Lil Xan is apparently changing his name… to be a good role model to his fans.

His name was inspired by the rapper’s recreational use of Xanax use, though he has taken a stance against the drug. Now, he wants to distance himself further, changing his rap moniker to his birth name, Diego.

TMZ cameras caught up with Xan in Times Square and he revealed his plan to change his name.

I thought about changing my name to Diego. For right now, we gon’ stay Lil Xan,” he explains. “Later down the road I’ll change it to Diego.”

“The message I’m portraying: very positive,” Xan added.

Additionally, Xan said he and Shameless actor Ethan Cutkotsky, who portrays the character Carl and looks eerily similar to Lil Xan, have some collaborations planned for the future.